Right Angle Film
Use the Right Angle!   
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Get Filmed

Capture memories, improve skills, get recruited.


See any sport from 30 feet above the field, with a broadcast style scoreboard. We can also insert graphics for sports games. All filmed in High-Definition and distributed via SD card.

RAF Uses Hi-Pod to film all our events!

Custom Highlight Packages also available!

Why RAF?

Does the following scenario sound familiar?      

You bought a great new video camera. You attempted to videotape, watch, AND enjoy your child's game all at the same time. You went home and didn’t have time to watch it, so the un-labeled tape stayed in your camera a week.  At the next game you realized you needed a new tape, so you slapped another un-labeled tape in the camera. Before you knew it, you had a shoe box full of unlabeled and unedited tapes. You tried watching some of the videos but it made you sick because the camera was shaky, your voice was the only thing heard on the video, the angle was horrible, and you accidentally left the camera on when you had it pointing at your feet. Plus, you are not able to enjoy watching your child play the sport they love.      

Why not let RAF capture your event and provide you with professional service AND high quality video that can help improve skills as well as provide valuable memories?

See for yourself

The video to the left shows a true example of how RAF and having the RIGHT ANGLE makes a difference in the video presentation.  When you compare this with other videos shot with a regular tri-pod, it becomes blatantly obvious that this is a better method for shooting sports. You need the RIGHT viewing ANGLE.  


We use a new high tech device called a Hi-Pod. The Hi-Pod gets us 30 ft above the action where you can really SEE the game and watch it develop. Coaches and players love it for analysis and performance improvement. 

Trained cameramen

We specialize in sports, and filming it is more than just point and shoot. It requires knowledge of the game plus the skill of proper camera control for the best results.  

Superior Product

Our professionally filmed and edited video includes basic graphics, all in high definition!    

Video is delivered to you on an SD card.

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